Zeitheit is a created word which consist of the word for time "Zeit" and a suffix "heit" which does not directly makes sense. However, it makes you think about time in various ways. Thoughts about time might evidently show some misconceptions of individual or societal life. This page is about these misconceptions of society and possible solutions. I think that the concept of time is the best entry towards reasonable policy. From a socioecological perspective, the decent consideration of time is very urgent. More and more areas of life are determined by time. Even if humans invented numerical time themselves and everyone is talking about self-determination it has become perfectly reasonable to argue that humans let themselve determine by their own invention, time.


Personally, I am not protected against this phenomena. Thus, I did not had the time yet to offer this page in a decent coverage in English language. However, I offer everything (workshops and presentation about socioecological topics, the organization of conferences related to socioecological issues and generally scientifically based consulting) in english language, too.

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